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Adams is a training company founded in1957, who aim to help their students find work or improve the job they already have, both in private companies and in Public Administration. They operate in 11 cities, with 400 employees and 70,000 students.


Given the number of students and the quality of the service they look to provide them with, they had to improve the communication they had with their student. They had to always have a direct contact with them. They also needed to reduce advertising costs and optimize the resources at their disposal.


A management platform has been created for Adams for databases and SMS push messaging.

From this platform Adams could make large SMS push send outs to all of its students and/or potential students, with any news that could interest them. New registration places for exams, labour exchange openings in every Spanish province, changes in academic timetables, etc.


With our service, Academia Adams has achieved student loyalty and been able to communicate with them directly, immediately, at a personal level and optimise what they were looking for.

Reduce costs (the cost of large SMS push is much lower than what they were running before via traditional methods of phone calls, leaflets and sending emails)
Optimizing resources: human, economic and time resources.
Imrpove the brand's image through the use of new technology and all of the above points.
Acheiving their goals in record time. Users were quickly advised of any news and they received answers to their questions in minutes.