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The Real Madrid Football Club is a multi-sports organization based in Madrid (Spain). Founded on March 6, 1902 participates in the First Division Spanish League professional football since its founding in 1929. It has been 9 times winner of the Champions League and Spanish league champion 31 times, so IFFHS FIFA and have designated it as the Best Club of the twentieth century.


Given the size and importance of this equipment both domestically and internationally it is vital to know their members and fans, tastes, opinions ... and be able to interact with them. That is why the entity seeking to attract more users for its mobile content club and offer more options for interactivity and monetization.


Campaigns to capture web users in fixed and mobile web, with request for information and mobile phone number to which to send targeted promotions and subscribe directly to the club's content in mobile web entity.

Froggie provided web promotional tools in fixed / mobile and SMS. Promotional campaign videogoles service for the Champions League. through the push video calling service.


Attracting more than 10,000 new customers in 6 months of campaigning. More than 30% of users receiving video calls promotion push then entered the service of videogoles.

This promotional tool was 10 times higher efficiency than the same campaign via traditional SMS.

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