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Ticket Restaurant is a meal voucher system that has been present in Spain since 1976, they are accepted in a wide range of national restaurants with thousands of people paying for their daily menu.


Ticket Restaurant needed their clients to be able to Access information about associated restaurants where they could exchange their vouchers, without time and location restraints, that was independent from their website.


The development of a WAP portal with a restaurant finder by city and postcode. The same portal also includes an option that allows users to make phone calls directly to the restaurant in question to check availability. A GPS localizer is also incorporated to provide the location. Likewise, the portal incorporates various different advertising spaces so the company has an extra source of income.

Promotion of portal via SMS PUSH to existing customers and to capture new customers via fixed line and mobile internet campaigns.


The Ticket Restaurant brand image received an impressive boost and maximised user loyalty to their service.

Providing Access to the service in situ, from the same street without needing to access a computer, providing customers with a new way to use the service and adding impulse buying.